Comfortable Wheel Chair Transportation Services

Wheel Chair Transport Services

Wheel Chair Transport Services for Your Comfort

At Toi’s Ride Inc, we understand that wheelchair transportation is a vital need, not a privilege. It frequently serves as the sole mode of transportation for people with severe disabilities. All our staff members take great pride in offering compassionate, responsive wheelchair transportation services. We always ensure people’s protection while treating them respectfully and minimizing delays. Every driver arrives on time and makes sure that your journey is smooth. 

We proudly serve over 1,000 clients at Toi’s Ride Inc with reliable and empathetic wheelchair transportation services. Our experienced Alaska medical transport drivers are trained to provide a comfortable ride for individuals with limited mobility. We know clients’ challenges and strive to make their transportation experience as stress-free as possible.

Transportation For Wheelchair Patients - Our Commitment to You

Wheelchair medical transportation can be a problematic experience for individuals who use wheelchairs or mobility devices. That’s why our team goes above and beyond to provide compassionate and reliable wheelchair transportation services. Here’s what sets us apart:

Assistance Getting On and Off the Vehicle

Our drivers are trained to aid passengers by carefully getting on and off the vehicle. They can assist in guiding passengers onto lifts and ensure wheelchair passengers are smoothly strapped in before the ride starts.

Navigating Steps

Helping passengers in navigating steps once they have exited the vehicle is essential. We take great care to guarantee that wheelchair passengers are cautiously guided through any obstacles that may arise.

Wheelchair Pushing and Lifting

We know some passengers may require additional assistance, and we are always ready to provide it. Drivers working at Toi's Ride Inc are trained to push and lift wheelchairs when necessary, ensuring that patients reach the door comfortably.

Oxygen Tank Carrying

For passengers who require oxygen tanks, we assist in carrying and storing them during the ride. Our wheelchair transportation service team is highly trained to handle medical equipment practically. We hire dedicated drivers that ensure that the passengers feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the journey.

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Safe and Comfortable Transportation Wheelchairs To Meet Your Needs

At Toi’s Ride Inc, we comprehend that each passenger’s needs are unique. That’s why we have many wheelchair-accessible vehicles, each with the necessary safety features.  Our team offers a vast selection of lightweight, foldable, and easy-to-use wheelchairs ideal for navigating through tight spaces, narrow doorways, and crowded areas.

We provide transportation wheelchairs that feature comfortable seating, padded armrests, and footrests, ensuring that passengers can travel in comfort for extended periods.

With a focus on reliability and convenience, our fleet is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure optimal performance. Whether for short trips or long journeys, we have the perfect transportation wheelchair to meet your needs. Below you can check what our wheelchair medical transportation includes:

Wheelchair-Lift-Equipped Vehicles

Wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles make getting in and out of the vehicle manageable and safe. Toi’s Ride INC's skilled drivers possess the expertise to provide personalized contributions to wheelchair passengers.

Wheelchair Van Transportation

Wheelchair vans are designed to board multiple passengers who use wheelchairs or mobility devices. Our wheelchair van transportation services spacious vehicles provide ample room for passengers and their medical equipment.

Handicap Vans Service for Wheelchairs

Handicap van services for wheelchairs are perfect for individuals requiring a smaller, more maneuverable vehicle. We provide these handicapped van wheelchair vehicles that are ideal for individuals needing a more compact and flexible transportation solution.

Ambulatory Wheelchair Vans

Ambulatory wheelchair vans are specialized vehicles designed to transport passengers who can walk but require a wheelchair for longer distances. Whether you need transportation for a medical appointment or a social event, our ambulatory wheelchair vans are a reliable and convenient option.

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Are your vehicles wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, all our vehicles are wheelchair-accessible and have the necessary safety features.

How much does your service cost?

We provide free services to all our clients. Contact us for a personalized quote.

How long will it take for my wheelchair to be repaired?

Within 24 hours of receiving a request, we try to finish an early repair visit. However, the exact turnaround time will rely on the wheelchair model and the accessibility of substitution sections.